Tulia ISD Basketball Varsity Ticket Sales


Tulia ISD will be only selling tickets for the boys and girls varsity basketball games online through Ticket Spicket.  Tickets will go on sale to the general public 4 days prior to the game date through the Ticket Spicket website or through the link on Tulia ISD’s website.  Tickets will be redeemed or scanned at the gate when entering the gym.  The tickets may only be redeemed or used once in the Ticket Spicket system.  Purchasers will be able to print the tickets, redeem them on their phone at the gate, or provide their name to the gatekeeper and they can verify and redeem your ticket.

Attendance to the JV basketball games prior to the Varsity games will be free.  At the end of the JV game, prior to the Varsity games, all fans will be cleared from the gym and fans who have purchased tickets for the Varsity games will be allowed back into the gym.  Tickets will not be redeemed until after the fans leave the gym after the JV games.

The access code for visitors is VX6YXG.  This will allow visitors access to buy tickets 7 days prior to the game. This is intended to allow for players' families to purchase up to 4 tickets for their family prior to selling tickets to the general public.  In the event of all online tickets being sold out, Tulia ISD will provide a Re-entry Pass for fans that leave the gym and need to re-enter later themselves or if they want to provide the pass to another fan to enter the gym to watch a later game. (example - parent of a varsity girls player may obtain a re-entry pass from the gate collectors when leaving the gym after the girls game and give the re-entry pass to a parent of a varsity boys player which will allow them to enter the gym to watch the boys game.)  If anyone leaves the gym without obtaining a Re-entry pass, they will not be allowed back into the gym.  These requirements are necessary for Tulia ISD to accurately maintain the attendance allowed in our facilities due to required capacity restrictions.
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