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Google Migration

As of Wednesday, May 23, 2018 our staff e-mail will be running on Google (Gmail).

This system will provide many new features for e-mail, calendars, contacts and tasks.

This will also simplify the communication processes for teachers who are using Chromebooks and Google Classroom.


We are copying your current mailbox, calendars and contacts from Outlook to Google.

You are welcome to Preview the new system before Wednesday, but your incoming messages will continue to show up in Outlook first until then.

  New Gmail! (be sure to select Settings / "Try the new Abernathy ISD Mail")
AISD Training Videos:
Google Migration, Part 1
(Google view, access, starred items, snooze and labels)
Google Migration, Pt. 2
(calendars, archive and trash)
 Preview Pane
(Settings / Advanced) formats screen similar to Outlook
Android phone email setup
Terry and I will be making the rounds this week to get Gmail configured on your phone! All android users should have the app already installed on your phone. If you have your personal Google tied to your account, no worries! Mobile devices will allow more than one Gmail account tied to a phone! 
If you'd like to try to set-up your Andriod phone's Gmail, here are some quick instructions on how to do that yourself!
Google Migration Resources
Windows 10 Computer setup
iPhone Gmail setup
We recommend that all iPhone users download the Gmail app for the best staff Gmail experience. Downloading this app before we get to ask us to configure your iOS mobile device will get us a headstart on the process. 
 For other questions, see Google's FAQ's: