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Transfer Policy


The Student Transfer Review Committee will review the following information to determine whether a transfer is accepted or denied:

a. discipline records
b. attendance records
c. academic records
d. state assessment results

The committee will evaluate each situation on an individual basis to ensure that the addition of a transfer student to a particular class or program will not cause a financial or personnel hardship for Abernathy I.S.D.

Student transfers are considered valid until the end of the school year in which the student enrolled.  All transfers will be reviewed toward the end of the school year and a determination will be made by the Student Transfer Review Committee as to whether the transfer student may remain enrolled in A.I.S.D.  Students who have been enrolled as a transfer students for one school year or more will be accepted for ensuing school years given that the student remains in good standing regarding discipline, attendance, grades, state assessment, as well as A.I.S.D. continues to have available space and available instructional staff.  However, if these standards are not met, the transfer may be revoked.

The Abernathy I.S.D. does not discriminate in its transfer process on the basis of race, sex, religion, color, national origin, ancestral language, or disability.
All completed transfer applications should be returned the campus in which the student would attend school.
Children of Employees: Any child of an Abernathy I.S.D. employee will be accepted as a transfer student if the employee lives outside of the Abernathy I.S.D. attendance zone.  For the sake of transfers, a child of a substitute will not qualify as “children of employees.”  If employment is ended, the student becomes subject to regular transfer criteria.
Reference:  A.I.S.D. Board Policy - FDA (LOCAL)