Google G Suite

Abernathy ISD - G Suite for Education


G Suite for Education (formerly known as Google Apps for Education) is an Internet-based learning platform which allows teachers to enhance the learning process through the use of technology. 


The use of G Suite for Education in AISD classrooms will be rolled-out slowly (one class at a time) throughout the year.


G Suite for Education includes several tools including:

  • Docs (word processing)
  • Sheets (spreadsheet)
  • Slides (presentations)
  • E-Mail (secure communication limited to AISD Staff and Students)
  • Classroom (learning management system)
  • More Google tools are available and will be used in a controlled environment

As each student is given access to G Suite for Education, they will be able to access the system at any time from any Internet-connected device including at home.  It is AISD’s intent to utilize these online resources purely for educational purposes. 


We are excited to offer this excellent Google resource to our AISD students.  Thank you for your support.


Terry Driscoll

Technology Director


[email protected]