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Alumni Spotlight July 2022 Featured Photo

Alumni Spotlight July 2022

Our Alumni Spotlight for July 2022 is 2004 Abernathy High School Valedictorian, Jason S. White.
Jason is now a Forensic Scientist V (Biology/DNA) with the Texas Department of Public Safety Crime Laboratory in Lubbock. His job duties include analyzing evidence submitted by law enforcement for the presence of possible biological materials such as blood or skin cells. He then performs DNA analysis on those materials and compare the DNA profiles that I obtain to DNA profiles from known standards (usually buccal swabs). By doing these comparisons he can determine if a particular individual is or is not a potential contributor to evidentiary DNA profiles. He issues laboratory reports which can then be used in a court setting, and he is occasionally called to testify to his results. He also performs other duties such as training new analysts, validating new equipment and methods, and giving presentations to law enforcement agencies, SANE nurses, and school groups.
We'd like to congratulate our Abernathy Antelope, Jason White!
Alumni Spotlight June 2022 Featured Photo

Alumni Spotlight June 2022

Tony Vecchio, Denver entrepreneur, is this month’s Abernathy ISD Alumni Spotlight. Vecchio owned and operated a successful catering company for over 10 years, then transitioned to another industry. His retro and spunky business, Fifty Two 80's A Totally Awesome Shop, is recognized as one of the nations top vintage stores, and has been featured in the Denver Post.

“I would never change growing up in Abernathy for anything in the world, “ Vecchio says. “Going through the Abernathy School System from elementary through high school taught me many things. I'm most fond of the camaraderie and the individual connections with our teachers and coaches throughout the years. These are the types of connections I try to have with my customers and clients today. I'm proud today to say...Old AHS to you we'll be true. Go Lopes!”
Thank you, Tony!
Alumni Spotlight May 2022 Featured Photo

Alumni Spotlight May 2022

Dr. Jeffrey Hannel is the very first Antelope featured in our Alumni Spotlight Series. Abernathy ISD is dedicated to providing a challenging environment for students to become prepared, confident, and well-rounded men and women of integrity, and it's an honor when students share how this mission has helped prepare them for life beyond the classroom. Thank you Dr. Hannel!


About Us

Abernathy Independent School District encompasses 179 square miles in Hale and Lubbock Counties. The district has an enrollment of a little over 780 students. AISD offers a half-day Pre-K program, full day Kindergarten, a school-wide Title I program, vocational programs, dual credit courses, band, athletics, special education, and gifted/talented classes. Abernathy ISD students have the opportunity to graduate with 36 hours of college credit.
The mission of the Abernathy ISD is to provide a challenging environment for students to become prepared, confident, and well-rounded men and women of integrity.
AISD has been recognized by TEA for its attendance rate, number of graduates on the Recommended Program, college preparedness in English-Language Arts and Math. In prior years all 3 campuses have been recognized for their test scores in writing, reading, math and science. Abernathy High School has been identified as one of the top schools in the state in English-Language Arts by Texas Monthly.
AISD stresses technology on all campuses. Currently, the district has approximately 600 computers including two labs on each campus all connected to the internet via a 100 Mb connection to Region 17 for Internet and Distance Learning. AISD also maintains a wireless network on all campuses, including wireless laptop carts. Each classroom is also equipped with a Promethean interactive board and projector, and all Elementary classrooms have at least 4 student computers.
The district and campuses continue to meet the standards of the new more rigorous accountability system with distinctions.