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4-Day Week

Updated: April 5, 2024
2024-25 4-Day Week Calendar Draft 3
Draft 3 is an updated 4-day instructional week calendar, with 4-day weeks occurring in the spring semester.  Please observe the following updates based on feedback from parents and staff:
  1. “Work from Home - No School” days were moved to Fridays only, rather than alternating Mondays/Fridays (the exception being when holidays fall on Mondays)
  2. Additional time added to the instructional day to offset a later start date.  (10 additional school day minutes from Draft 1 to move the start date from August 8 to August 14)

Spring Semester 4-Day Instructional Week - Frequently Asked Questions


Updated FAQs: April 5, 2024



What are the reasons for considering this change?

  • To help retain and recruit highly-qualified, effective teachers.
  • We found that other districts that have 4-day instructional weeks are able to fill positions with highly qualified teachers, aides, bus drivers, etc.
  • By being able to hire and retain the highest quality teachers and support staff, the quality of our instruction and student success will increase.
  • It will have a positive effect on student and staff morale.
  • Provide time for teachers to plan and grade, spend with family, schedule appointments, rest, and take care of personal business.
  • Teachers and staff will have the opportunity to meet for planning and Professional Development


Which day of the week are we considering? 

While we considered Mondays, Fridays, and alternating Mondays/Fridays, survey feedback suggested that parents and staff most preferred Fridays. 


Would this make the year longer?

  • No, the school year would start and end the same as the last few years. 


Would school days be longer?

The bell schedule would likely be extended by 20 minutes. (7:50 am - 3:45 pm instead of 7:55 am - 3:30)


Would this lower the pay of teachers or other staff?

Absolutely not!


Would we lose instructional time?

No.  The district is still required to meet 75,600 minutes each school year. 


Would a 4-day school week cause shorter holidays during the year?

No. Holidays would not be shortened. 

  • Thanksgiving Break would still be a week.
  • Christmas Break would be the same length.
  • Spring Break would still be a week.


How would this affect extracurricular activities on “Work from Home - No School” days?

We would play games and participate in other competitions that are on those days just as we always have.  Extracurricular practices and rehearsals will still occur on days without school.

How would the district know if this is successful?

We will look at the following data to determine if it is successful or not:

  • Student academic success (STAAR Tests, reading levels, math skills levels, completing dual credit college hours before graduation, earning an industry-based certification before graduation, ASVAB scores, ACT and SAT scores, and graduation rates).
  • Student enrollment numbers
  • Student attendance rates
  • Employee attendance rates
  • Percentage of students participating in extracurricular activities
  • Employee retention rate
  • Number of certified and highly-qualified applicants for open positions
  • Parent surveys
  • Employee surveys


Would there be childcare provided on the “Work from Home - No School” days in the spring?

The district will provide Optional Acceleration on “Work from Home - No School” days in the Spring, as long as there is a reasonable need.  For students to be eligible, they must meet the following requirements: 

  • Abernathy ISD student in Pre-K through 6th grade
  • Sign-up to participate during designated time in the fall
  • Meet and maintain attendance and behavior requirements


What would Optional Acceleration look like?

  • Regular school hours (7:50 am - 3:45 pm)
  • Will operate much like summer school with volunteer teachers and administrators
  • Students will be grouped according to age/grade, but depending on numbers, more than one grade level may be grouped together
  • Students will receive enrichment instruction and reinforcement of grade level curriculum 


Would the district provide meals on “Work from Home - No School” days?

Yes.  We will continue to provide breakfast and lunch for all students as long as there is a reasonable need.


How does this affect extracurricular activities? 

Many extracurricular activities would still require practice/rehearsals on off days.  Times would have to be coordinated to not interfere with dual-credit courses and other extracurricular practices/rehearsals.  


The district would attempt to schedule competitions on off days as often as possible to protect instructional time, but it’s important to note that the district does not always have the ability to schedule events. 


Would this increase student homework?

No. It should not.


Would there still be flexibility for ½ days off or days off for UIL competitions and/or bad weather days?

Yes.  We anticipate that we will still have 3-4 days of extra minutes that could be used for bad weather or other special circumstances.


What do “Work from Home - No School” days look like?

For Students 

  • Not required to be on campus or work from home (unless an extracurricular program requires their participation or they are assigned by campus administration for makeup time/work)
  • No additional homework (It’s not a day off to give more work for students to do on their own.)


For Teachers 

  • Teachers would be expected to ensure exemplary lesson and unit plans are prepared. 
  • Time for grading and communication with students, parents, and colleagues.
  • Occasionally necessary to be on campus to fulfill a duty such as intervention/acceleration, professional learning communities, etc.




Would the amount of state and/or local days change?

It would be recommended to the Board that Local days would be reduced from 5 to 3.5 days per year. State days would remain the same (5).


Would the schedule affect Special Education/Intervention/Dyslexia Programs?

Adjustments would have to be made to ensure all needs and legal requirements are met. 


How does the 4-day week affect student discipline?

Feedback from other districts is positive and suggests that office referrals have significantly decreased.


How would this affect an hourly employee’s pay rate and/or work schedule? 

Some details still need to be determined, but staff would not see any financial loss due to schedule change.


Would the maintenance and custodial staff work 5 days a week?

To be determined.  Many schools use the 5th day as an opportunity for projects and deep cleaning to be completed while students are not on campus.