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Welcome Ex-Students!!!

We are extremely proud of all our graduates and hope that they wish to
continue to feel the ANTELOPE PRIDE by communicating with each other. AISD provides this alumni page as a service to our graduates. These pages are strictly voluntary. The information found on these pages is placed here when an alumni of AISD submits his/her information. The information that is provided on this web site will not be sold, given, or otherwise distributed to anyone outside of the webmaster of this site. However, do remember that information supplied on this website is available to the public and may be available to anyone who searches your phone number or name from an Internet search engine.

Dues, Memberships, Memorials and Donations

If you would like to pay for you yearly dues, a lifetime membership, make a donation, scholarship or memorial, use the link on the right or us the link here.

Register in our Ex-Student Database

If you are an ex-student and would like to register to go into our database, please click here.
To see the database of former students that have already registered, click on the link on the right. Post your memoir here!