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Student Transfers

Abernathy I.S.D. serves students in the city of Abernathy as well as the outlying area around Abernathy.  Boundaries posted on this website are approximate.  If  there are specific questions regarding our boundaries, please contact Abernathy I.S.D. with the nearest intersection and the appropriate physical address.  If there are questions regarding the A.I.S.D. transfer student procedures, please contact any of our district offices: 
  • High School: (806) 298-2563
  • Middle School:  (806) 298-4921
  • Elementary:  (806) 298-4930
  • A.I.S.D. Administration Office:  (806) 298-4940

Out-of-District Transfers

Out-of-district transfers include students who reside outside of our Abernathy I.S.D. boundaries who would like to attend school within A.I.S.D. 

Who can apply for an Out-of-District Transfer?

A.I.S.D. welcomes students from all other surrounding districts. Parents must complete an A.I.S.D. Transfer Student Application to begin the process for being considered to attend Abernathy I.S.D. schools.  The application is located on any A.I.S.D. campus as well as our website in this Student Transfer section.

Out-of-District Transfer Application Process

  1. Complete a Transfer Student Application for each child being considered to attend a A.I.S.D. school.  The application link is located  on this page.  Applications are also located at any school office and at the administration building.  An application must be filled out for each child being considered for transfer.
  2. After the application is completed, it must be turned in to the school in which the student will attend.  If the parent has children attending more than one A.I.S.D. campus, each application must be taken to the appropriate grade level campus of each child.
  3. A parent is required to provide the student's attendance, discipline, and academic records (including state assessment records) from the last school attended for the Student Transfer Review Committee to consider.
  4. The Student Transfer Review Committee will determine if the student qualifies for transfer into A.I.S.D, and forward their recommendation to the Superintendent who will make the final decision.
  5. If the transfer application is accepted, the campus principal will notify the parent to proceed with enrollment process.  Approved student transfers shall be granted for one regular school year at a time.
  6. If the transfer application is denied and the student is currently enrolled, the parent must withdraw the student and return to their home campus.