College/Career Readiness

Preparation for a future in a world that is fast paced and technologically advancing at an unprecedented rate requires a skill set that can be used in multiple settings for many purposes. The development of these skills can be practiced and reinforced from a very young age. The extent to which one is college, career, and life ready will predict the potential for success in the 21st century.

Compare Colleges

College Scorecard (U.S. Department of Education) will help you find and compare college and university programs and costs, as well as compare types of possible financial aid.

Explore Careers

Explore opportunities based on your interests and work values, match characteristics of your current or most recent occupation with similar occupations, and find specific information such as the fastest growing jobs, levels of education and training requirements, and average salaries.


Evaluate Expenses

Estimate how much money you need for housing, utilities, transportation, clothes, health care, entertainment and other expenses, and see which careers will pay for these needs.

College Applications

Texas Success Initiative -TSI

The TSI is designed to measure college readiness skills in the areas of reading, writing and math.  If you are student planning to enroll in college level coursework, you may need to take the TSI exam.  Some students are EXEMPT from the TSI exam, provided they meet specific criteria. For more information about the TSI, visit: . Your counselor should have more information.