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School Health Advisory Council

A School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) is a group appointed by the school district to serve at the district level. Members of the SHAC come from different areas of the community and from within the school district.
SHACs assist the districts in ensuring that local community values are reflected in health education instruction. Additionally, SHACs play an important role in strengthening the connection between health and learning. They can help parents and community stakeholders reinforce the knowledge and skills children need to stay healthy for a lifetime. 

Committee Members

Voting Members Appointed by the Board

Krista Adames

Nathan Young

Mike Magallanes

Tawnya May

Ritchie Thornton



Ollie Hart

Cash Fortune

Lee Bender

Tate Albright

Joanna Fullingim

Cailey Stoerner

Aaron Waldrip



Jill Forbes

Kara Nick

Amy Magallanes

Campus Staff

Kerry Carlisle

Lauren Crumpler

Lori Houston

Ashley Waldrip



Jaxon Beeson

Olivia Lopez

Meeting Schedule
January 30, 2024
March 26, 2024
Wellness Plan